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#3 Have a Heart of Iron

Screw the rest if you are the best

I am realizing, or just coming to terms with the advertising industry being heartless. Not in the sense of it being cut-throat, but in the sense of you are only judged by your works impression on the interviewer; if your work is not good to the person who is reviewing you, you will be notified, as you walk out the door in the most unapologetic way.

However, that CD/ACD, or JCW that is reviewing you, only has a subjective view. If you show your work to other agencies, they may like; if you show your work to some more agencies, they may hate it and tell everyone one in the world as such posting it on their blogs as examples of horrible work.Nevertheless, i believe this one fact reigns supreme. If you think your stuff is good to you; keep working at it to make it better and screw what anybody else thinks, eventually you will strike gold.


Post Bell Bottom Swine Flu

Whoever made this ad in 1976 must have been the reincarnation of Nostradamus, or really close to the government.

I love the black guy,”im too fast for the swine flu” next scene, sick in bed.  Get your shots people, lol

Clorox Works too Well


Keep your whites, white.  Not corny

He Went To Jared


The following story is true…

Gotta Have Those Nuts


“I  waited until he took off the top hat and monacle before I struck.  I thought for Planters being such a pretentious prick,  he’d be more salty.”

Earth Day- An Excuse to Tell People Potatoe Chips Come From the Ground


I love the how companies can turn any holiday into a branding day. I can’t wait for diarrhea day, or upset stomach day. Pepto and Pepcid would have a ball.


Here are two ads done for Pepto-Bismol. Still working on a better head line. The art however,  is sick.toilet2pepto-ad1