Getting fit, or loosing weight is an effort of will not presumptuous denial. You can do it.  Good luck and good will, from Equinox.


Old Spice

Copy: when you see this man, walking down that corridor of your greatest fears. Do not stop him. Do not warn him of the possible misfortune that he could derive, or the heartache one may get from taking a chance a life’s thrills… Even if you did, he wouldn’t listen. This man is a Warrior. A warrior free from odor

Tag: Every man should be free.

Get the funk out

Save Darfur- By Quaison Carter

In America and other affluent countries, the youth have the ability to day dream, aspire and focus on the things they can do when they grow up. In Darfur most children are dreaming about where their next meal is coming from.

Do not dream about tomorrow by saying you will donate when you get a chance. Children are dying today. Save Darfur… http://www.savedarfur.org/

Dentyne Ice Campaign

We all find our selves in situations where we think our wishes are about to come true. The reality, however, is that life is a bitch never wanting to play nice to your whims. At least with Dentyne gum, you always get what you wish for.

Body Blow

Even now my heart beats as slow as the steps you took when you left. If you ever turned back, my lungs would inhale your silhouette,  exhaling the  unexplainable feelings you instilled in my throat. My stomach will contract so hard the acid will wash away every word your hurtfull yet wise  lips etched into my brain… My soul, however, will never be the same.

If only we understood

I watch as tears welled up in her eyes; wishing I could take them back to God so when he made it rain we all could empathize in her sorrow.